Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lots of things to talk about today

Wow work was so full on today.  1 hour and 45 minute teleconference and before it I was so worried I wasn't going to have a job because of the sale of the company but I do for now and won't decide until February next year.

I feel like I am a good worker and a lot of the Directors have told the owner of the new company that they all want me... they all can't with the new company so hey.... but I would love to work with any of them as they are a great bunch of people.

So I enjoyed work today.

Went out to get the boys an electric guitar today too.... soooooo cool it is black with a little bit of white and you get the amp, strap, strings, case and I really feel like they are going to love it.  We decided that we would only get one and they can share for now just in case they loose interest in the guitar.

When Jeremy got home we went in to practice our guitar.  We are enjoying it so much.  The boys have been learning for a year and decided that they would teach us how to play.  They taught us 2 chords and we have been practising like you wouldn't believe because we are enjoying it.... OMG sometimes I reckon you should learn an instrument when you get older as you appreciated practicing more lol.  So tonight we showed the boys what we have been practicing and they decided that we needed another challenge so we are now learning the chords for "why does love do this to me?" by the Exponents OMG soooo cool we are learning music more than just "what do we do with a drunken sailor" lol.

Christmas is so upon us isn't it... is anyone else as nervous as I am... I am nervous because the year has gone so fast it feels like it is only christmas last year and where did the year go?

Jeremy and I have been tracking for the last two nights for the next day and propointing it so that we are aware of what we are eating.  I can't say that today's food was wonderful but I tracked and I am more aware of what is going in my mouth.  This first week is going to be really being honest with myself and when I am hungry and if I am hungry or bored. 

I will leave this post with a little laugh

My oldest son came to give me a hug goodnight and his hair tickled my neck and he just laughed and said he wanted to hug me again (because he knew I am ticklish) and I said to him no I am ticklish now lol and he said "Oh was it my moustache" OMG I cracked up laughing because he is 12 years old and there is not even bum fluff on the upper lip... he thought he was soooo funny and he was LOL

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